Posted December 09 2014

Rhys Millen Racing December 9, 2014 Huntington Beach, CA

After a successful season in the fastest growing Motorsport in the US, Hyundai has decided to step out of The Red Bull Global RallyCross Series. Partnering with Rhys Millen Racing based in Huntington Beach California for the past six years, this partnership has produced world records at the famed Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, RallyCross wins at the iconic Daytona International Speedway and multiple wins in the sport of Formula Drift.

2014 will mark the last time that we will see the partnership together after producing wins in Los Angeles and Daytona for the Red Bull Global RallyCross series - arguably the fastest most exciting form of racing to hit the US in years.

Team principal and lead driver Rhys Millen commented, "This is disappointing news to the team and myself as we proved we could win or produce the top 3 fastest times in each event at the last 6 rounds of competition." "We had achieved victories in various disciplines of Motorsport that we had partnered in the US over the years." "This came as a real shock after Hyundai Korea had invested so much into supporting the same style of racing in the World Rally Championship." "I am happy with what we achieved as a team and am thankful to those at Hyundai that supported the program and believed in Motorsports."

The cars will now go up for sale or rental for any privateers interested in entering the Red Bull Global RallyCross series. As for Millen, it's not in his nature to sit still. Currently without a ride for 2015 I'm sure he will be busy in the off-season working on the next challenge that places him back in the victory circle.


2015 Red Bull Global RallyCross Series Rhys Millen Results:

  • 2 overall victories (Daytona, Los Angeles 2)
  • 3 heat race wins
  • 2 top qualifiers
  • 6 top 3 overall event fastest lap times


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