Round 1 Global RallyCross Championship Hyundai Veloster Team Report

Posted March 28 2011

Round 1 Global RallyCross Championship Hyundai Veloster Team Report

March 28, 2011 Rhys Millen Racing

Rhys Millen Over the Monstrous 70 Foot Jump.

RallyCross Fans gathered to watch the door-to-door racing action in person at the series debut of the Global RallyCross Championship: The Revolution at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA.  Spectators in attendance had the opportunity to meet RMR drivers Rhys Millen and Marcus Dodd at the autograph session as well as watch the team prepare the Veloster rallycross cars for the day’s events. Hyundai presented the street version of the Veloster, allowing the public to interact with the car ahead of its launch this summer.  Both the RM460 Hyundai Genesis Coupe and RMR Signature Edition Hyundai Equus were also on display.

In their debut races, the Veloster RallyCross cars proved to be extremely reliable, with both cars presenting at the grid for every session and finishing under their own power.  This allowed the RMR crew to focus on improving the setup for drivers Millen and Dodd. Millen won his first B Main door-to-door heat to start the day off strong. Despite the team’s ability to adapt to changing weather and track conditions with chassis setup adjustments, the tire choices proved to be the major difference between our setup and the winning teams, resulting in laps nearly 0.5 second slower.  Our tire sponsor, Hankook, was unable to supply the correct tire compound for the Irwindale track surface in time for the event leaving no choice but to resort to a contingency tire package.  In addition, the drivers found that the transmission gear ratio selections made launching difficult.  The original launch gear (1st) was too short – causing excessive wheel spin; whereas the 2nd gear ratio was too tall to launch with.  Both cars will feature improved launch gear ratios for the next event.

Both Millen and Dodd are optimistic for the next event, as the cars were quick in the technical sections of the Irwindale course – only sacrificing speed in the longer banked turn sections.  With an improved tire and transmission ratio selection, the Hyundai Veloster RallyCross cars should be very competitive at the next event in Snoqualmie, WA on April 15-16, 2011.  Full race coverage of the Irwindale event will air April 17 on ESPN2. The series has a multi-year programming relationship with ESPN, with Global RallyCross Championship broadcasts slated to follow NASCAR Nationwide and NHRA shows on ESPN and ESPN2.  The series is also available on ESPN3 and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Current Points Rankings after Round 1:

1: Marcus Gronholm
2: Tanner Foust
3: Pontus Tidemand
4: Stephan Verdier
5: Rhys Millen
6: Marcus Dodd
7: Dave Mirra
8: Arkadiusz Gruszka
9: Michael Jernberg
10: Joseph Burke

First Veloster Head-To-Head Heat for Millen and Dodd.

Marcus Dodd Ripping Around the Finial Corner.

Rhys Millen Dominating on the Days First Head-To-Head Heat. 

Rhys Millen Spraying a 25 Foot Tall Trail of Gravel.

Millen and Dodd Strategising Before the First Heat.

 Millen and Dodd Signing Posters at Autograph Session.


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