Pikes Peak Day 3 Top Practice Report

Posted June 23 2011

Pikes Peak Day 3 Top Practice Report

Rhys Millen Racing - Huntington Beach, CA - June 23, 2011

Day 3 Above the Clouds 

Day three ends with Rhys Millen setting the fastest sector time of 2 min 32.07 sec durning practice on the last stage of Pikes Peak. Paddock elevation today was set at 13,000 feet. Everyone is becoming acclimated to the height and the perfect weather which can be rare at the Devil's Playground. Rod Millen set a time of 2 min 45.64 sec in the Time Attack Class. Amazingly just 12 sec off the Unlimited Class. Lauchlin O'Sullivan continues to learn the Veloster's capabilities, improving his time by over 20 seconds. Day 4 takes takes the RMR Team to the bottom of the hill with qualifying. 

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