X-Games 17 Los Angeles, CA Team Report

Posted August 03 2011

X-Games 17 Los Angeles, CA Team Report

Rhys Millen Racing - Huntington Beach, CA - August 3, 2011


Rhys Millen finishes 5th at X-Games 17 in Downtown Los Angeles and 3rd overall for the 2011 Global RallyCross Championship.


The Road 2 X-Games stared with a whole new platform for Rhys Millen Racing in 2011. With the release of the all new 2012 Hyundai Veloster, set to come out this fall, RMR would show the world how competitive a first year Hyundai rally program can be.

2 Veloster's driven by Rhys Millen and Robbie Maddison, both Red Bull Athletes, qualified to go head to head against the best of the best drivers in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. 4.5 million pounds of concrete were used to barricade the Rally course with ESPN's live coverage on both Saturdays Super Rally and Sundays RallyCross events.

Both cars ran flawlessly all weekend long allowing Millen to qualify first in the last chance qualifier moving him into Sundays RallyCross main event. 8 cars would take the green start light fighting for the gold medal. Millen would lose 10 precious seconds when David Higgins spun trapping Millen just past the 50 foot gap jump in a narrow ally. Millen would go onto finish 5th.

Overall for 2011, RMR was a winning team taking 3rd in points in the GRC Championship. Their is no doubt in anyone's mind that the 2012 season shows even more potential that these Veloster's can be on top. 


2011 GRC Final Championship Standings 

1. Tanner Foust 69 points
2. Marcus Gronholm 58 points
3. Rhys Millen 50 points
4. Stephan Verdier 44 points
5. Michael Jernberg 37 points
6. Dave Mirra 36 points

X-Games 17 RallyCross Final

1. Brian Deegan 302.585
2. Tanner Foust 308.816
3. Marcus Gronholm 309.2134
4. Dave Mirra 309.8555
5. Rhys Millen 317.6276
6. David Higgins 322.3627
7. Travis Pastrana 349.2608
8. Liam Doran 357.249


Congratulations to Rhys Millen for finishing 3rd overall in the 2011 GRC Championship Standings.

The Products That Drive Rhys Millen Racing Global RallyCross at X-Games 17: