Race Engine Development Partners With RMR

Posted April 16 2012

Rhys Millen Racing welcomes Race Engine Development support for 2012.  

RED has the manufacturing and sleeve installation capabilities that our 2012 Formula Drift Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 demands. We look forward to their support in our championship fight.   

About Race Engine Development

Computer aided design and development of race engines and components.
Extensive experience, (30+ years), with all forms of motor sports and all types of engines: drag, oval, road race, off road, etc., combined with the latest high tech software to design and build winning engines.

Cylinder head porting, development, intake manifold porting and or fabrication. Hand finishing of CNC ported heads. All flow testing done on computerized "SuperFlow Pro Bench" capable of flowing 1000 cfm. Data sheets and graphs supplied with every job.

Camshaft analysis with special high resolution "Cam Doctor" to test your camshafts. Why put a poorly ground cam in your engine? Custom ground "Isky, Crower, and Web" cams and components available for most engines.

Engine design, component selection, modification using "Dynomation" engine simulation software. The same software used by professional teams around the globe. Eliminates guesswork in head and manifold design, camshaft selection, and header design. No need for extensive trial and error dyno testing of different combinations. http://www.raceenginedevelopment.com/pages/694927/index.htm