Posted September 26 2012

Hyundai ends North American motorsport programs to focus on new marketing strategies.  

Rhys Millen Racing - Huntington Beach, CA – September 26, 2012

For the last four seasons, Rhys Millen Racing has proudly represented Hyundai in North American Motorsports. The RMR programs have demonstrated the performance and reliability of the vehicles Hyundai sells everyday. However, following the conclusion of the 2012 Formula Drift and Global RallyCross Championship season, this relationship will come to an end as Hyundai's Marketing Group focuses on new strategies.

From podium finishes and X-Games appearances in the Global RallyCross Championship to event wins in the Formula Drift Championship and world records at Pikes Peak, both RMR and Hyundai have much to be proud of. RMR is also proud of its award-winning SEMA custom vehicles such as the RM460, RM500, and RMR Signature Edition Equus. The staff at RMR is thankful for the opportunity to have designed, assembled, and competed with race cars featuring Hyundai's newest and most exciting vehicles.
We look forward to continuing the foundation we built with current sponsor partners and seek opportunities to welcome new primary sponsor and manufacturer partners for 2013 and beyond.



Rhys Millen Racing proving the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a winning platform in motorsports. 
Rhys Millen wins back to back 2011 and 2012 Formula Drift Las Vegas. Hyundai/RMR currently stand 3rd in points and look towards an overall 2012 championship heading into Round 7 Irwindale. 
Rhys Millen piloting the Hyundai Turbo Veloster places 4th in 2012 at the Summer X-Games in Downtown Los Angeles. Hyundai/RMR currently stand 2nd in manufacture points behind Ford.
Rhys Millen brings Hyundai's Turbo Veloster into Americas living rooms live on ESPN in the Global RallyCross Championship.
Rhys Millen sets new overall world record at the 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
Rhys Millen at America's Mountain also making it Hyundai's Mountain. 
About Rhys Millen Racing

Rhys Millen Racing, located in Huntington Beach, CA is a multifaceted motorsports organization with demonstrated capabilities in engineering, fabrication, preparation and composite design. Bodywork on all race cars are designed and manufactured at WO-ven, a RMR subsidiary. WO-ven also produces an exclusive line of race-inspired aftermarket appearance parts sold through RMR's aftermarket parts division, which also offers a complete line of parts from many aftermarket brands and partners.
RMR's racing heritage spans nearly 20 years and includes partnerships with major manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, General Motors (Pontiac), and Hyundai. With a diverse background in motorsports, RMR has achieved success in every arena it has entered.

RMR Motorsports Proud History

2002 - SCCA Pro Rally Champions (Group 2)
2004 - SCCA Pro Rally Champions (Open Class)
Overall Wins in Rally 4 with another 6 Podiums

2005 - Formula Drift Champion
2008 - Drifting World Champion
Overall Wins in Drift 11 with another 10 Podiums

2012 - Pikes Peak Overall New Record
Overall Class Wins at Pikes Peak 9 with another 8 Podiums