Polaris RZR XP1K / XP4K Four Inch Wider Fender Flares


The RMR Polaris XP1K and XP4K fender flares are direct replacement items bolting in place of the factory flares using factory hardware. With an Increased front width of 4" and a tapered 2.5"-4" rear, these flares are sure to keep ground debris out of the cab, while adding a unique look to your ride.  

 Our Fender Flares are made out of high quality FRP. This makes our fenders incredibly strong, allowing them to take any abuse, if not more than a stock fender can. An added benefit to running our fenders compared to our competitors is that our fenders are made of fiberglass, so they are reparable. In the event of a minor crash, where the fender may crack or get chipped, the fender can be fixed with a simple DIY fiberglass kit. A Fender made out of  polyurethane that gets cracked or damaged can not be repaired. 

In the event that a fender is damaged beyond repair, we do sell single replacements at a cost effective price. 

Material - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Finish - black texture.


***Email for availability and ETA***