Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ 12+ HKS Hi Power Spec -L (CARBON)

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Vehicle: 2012+ Toyota / Scion FRS - Subaru BRZ (ZC6)


Part #: 32016-AT022

Brand: HKS

Series: Hi Power Spec -L Exhaust

Power Gains: NA

Piping Dia: 60mm

Tips Dia.: 94mm

Piping Material: S304 High Quality Stainless Steel

Installation Hardware: Yes


Description: Designed and developed with the concept theme of "light weight", pipes, silencers and other parts have all been individually lightened to produce a muffler which is half the weight of the stock muffler.

"Bullet" style silencers have been used for aggressive appearance with carbon wrapping around the tail tip to express the lightweight concept of this muffler.

Back pressure has been reduced 60% over stock to allow for over 350ps tuning. Sound has been tuned to have a powerful sound at low speed whilst the silent chamber cuts the uncomfortable drone that can be heard in the cabin.

Light weight and low back pressure specification improves vehicle agility and is ideal for those who are looking for something that can cope with further tuning when aiming for the next step. 


  • This wall piping and liberal use of silencer material has achieved a muffler half the weight of the stock muffler.
  • arbon wrapped tail tips for sporty appearance and to emphasise the light weight concept of this muffler.
  • Conforms to the legal noise requirement requirements of Japan for vehicles produced after April 2010.
  • Built from SUS304 grade stainless steel for durability and attractive appearance.
  • Advantex® glass fibre which is proven for its durability and sound deadening properties is used to allow a 2 year 30,000km warranty.
  • Designed for powerful sound but uncomfortable drone noise is accurately removed by the silent chamber.
  • To achieve a "clean" sound, pipe layout has been made equal length to both sides with a unique layout.

MSRP: $1500