Scion 13-14 FRS HPS Reinforced Silicone Post MAF Air Intake Hose Kit - Retain Stock Sound Tube


Fits Scion 2013-2014 FRS . Replaces Stock OEM Restrictive Air Intake Hose, improves air flow, reduces heat soak and does NOT trigger check engine light. Delivers dyno-proven performance gains of +1.4 Whp, +1.2 Ft/lbs without any re-tuning.

2013-2014 Scion FRS HPS High Temp 4-ply Reinforced Black Silicone Air Intake Post MAF Hose replaces the stock OEM restrictive hose with high temp reinforced silicon and stock sound tube is retained. HPS post MAF hose improves air flow, reduce heat soak and thus deliver dyno-proven performance gains +1.4 Whp, +1.2 Ft/lbs without re-tuning.

This product fits Scion 2013-2014 FRS and retains stock sound tube