Sparco Harness Bar Hyundai Genesis Coupe 09+


Sparco Harness Bars give mounting solutions to many vehicles by acting as a secure point to attach Sparco Competition Harnesses. Sparco Harness Bars are manufactured with the highest quality .120-wall steel and designed specifically for competition 3 harnesses. They are MIG welded by Sparco’s highly skilled technicians, and engineered to strict safety standards.

Included in the kit are driver’s side and passenger side vertical reinforcement tubes. These tubes mount to the base of you B Pillar and connect to your harness bar. This helps to anchor the harness bar and creates a triangular reinforcement structure. The triangulation prevents the bar from any vertical movement and keeps the harness bar in places and level at all times.

Fits: all 2009+ Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo and 3.8 V6 models.

Comes in Dark Grey or Light Silver. 

Installation takes about 30 min.