Subaru 13-14 BRZ HPS Reinforced Silicone Post MAF Air Intake Hose + Sound Tube 2pc Kit


Fits Subaru 2013-2014 BRZ . Replaces Stock OEM Restrictive Air Intake Hose, improves air flow, reduces heat soak and does NOT trigger check engine light. Delivers dyno-proven performance gains of +1.4 Whp, +1.2 Ft/lbs without any re-tuning.

2013-2014 Subaru BRZ HPS High Temp 4-ply Reinforced Black Silicone Air Intake Post MAF Hose + Sound Tube replaces the stock OEM restrictive hose with high temp reinforced silicon. HPS post MAF hose improves air flow, reduce heat soak and thus deliver dyno-proven performance gains +1.4 Whp, +1.2 Ft/lbs without re-tuning.

This product fits Subaru 2013-2014 BRZ and replaces the stock sound tube with silicone tube