Tanabe NF210 Normal Feeling Springs Lexus IS250/350 06-09

$185.00 was $335.00

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Sustec performance lowering springs are available in three configurations, to suit the drivers needs for lowering, comfort, and handling. All springs are manufactured using Sustec 210 technology. Sustec 210 technology is a series of manufacturing methods developed to create a stronger, thinner, and lighter spring using only high tensile steel, without adding additional elements that could effect quality, durability, or price. They also carry a comprehensive three year warranty, and are designed to not sag!

The NF210 coil spring features a tasteful drop, and produces the best overall ride quality and comfort for a performance lowering spring. The lowered stance of the NF210 gives the car an elegant pose, while the spring rates, which are only slightly raised retain factory ride quality settings.

This coil spring is extremely popular with luxury tuned vehicles, as well as with larger diameter wheels that want to eliminate fender gap, but maintain excellent driveability while reducing the risk of damage to wheels that is associated with stiffer suspensions.

Spring Rates
  • 4.9 kg/mm Front
  • 5.8 kg/mm Rear
  • Lowers 1.0 inches Front / 1.4 inches Rear (IS250 AWD)
  • Lowers 0.7 inches Front / 0.7 inches Rear (IS250 2WD)
  • Lowers 0.8 inches Front / 1.0 inches Rear (IS350)
  • Sustec 210 Technology
  • High Tensile Steel Construction
  • Spring Rate Increased up to 5%
  • Best Comfort with a Lowering Spring