Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T 09+ TurboXS Turboback Exhaust (Quad Tip)

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Vehicle: 09-UP Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T



Brand: TurboXS

Series: Turboback Exhaust (Quad Tip)

Power Gains: 20+ HP

Piping Dia: 3"

Tips Dia.: NA

Weight: NA

Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel Construction 

Installation Hardware: Included 


Description: TurboXS sets the bar at the highest level with the GT Turboback exhaust. Full 3 inch catless Turboback exhaust solution offers a easy +20 hp and tq gain without tuning. 

From the front to back you get a power packed exhaust system built to true enthusiast requirements. 3 inch mandrel bent piping throughout the exhaust to limit any possible exhaust restrictions. A properly designed o2 housing to promote high exhaust energy from the turbine down through the secondary cat delete. Removing this catalytic converters open up the exhaust to allow your turbocharger to spool faster. This makes your low end power band stronger wider and compliments the midrange with a smooth and strong pull to the higher rpm. The Catback features proprietary muffler technology to cancel unwanted sound waves to give you a subtle exhaust tone at highway speeds, but a strong throaty sound when doing any performance driving. The Grand Touring Series exhaust offers a young but mature aesthetic look to your Genesis Coupe while match the sound perfectly!


MSRP: $1,048